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Future Shows

March 24          Gray Jacobik        Joe Holt      High School Poets Laureate
Gray Jacobik is a wise and wonderful poet who has won many of the most important prizes for her work, including the Yeats Prize, Emily Dickinson Award, and Juniper Prize.  Her recently published The Banquet - a true magnum opus - won the Williams Meredith Award for Poetry.  Ms. Jacobik will move you.
As the Bard says, "Youth will be served," and so it is by tradition that we dedicate a part of our first spring show to celebrating young artists.  Our program's musical interlude will be served up by the gifted New York-based troubadour Joe Holt, who recently toured the country behind his debut album 'Brighter Moons.'  This festive program will also present the Poets Laureate of the region's high schools.
April 21               Katha Pollitt           Mike Casey Trio 
We are proud to welcome back Katha Pollitt who is surely one of the nation's finest poets.  Both of her books of poems -- Antarctic Traveller and The Mind-Body Problem - won the National Book Critics Circle Award.  She is also a nationally acclaimed essayist, whose column "Subject to Debate' appears regularly in The Nation. Ms. Pollitt's readings are momentous and funny.
We are also excited to welcome back the rising young saxophonist Mike Casey, whose debut album attracted a sold-out audience for its release last month at the Side Door.  WNPR hailed Casey for "his uniquely original brand of saxophone madness and gladness, well-honed, accessible, and joyful."   
May 19                Richard Blanco            Olive Tiger
Richard Blanco is the superb Cuban-American poet who became famous overnight for his memorable reading of his poem "One Today" at the second inauguration of President Barak Obama.  His books of poems and memoirs have carved a singular place in contemporary literature for their eloquent reports on the experience of a Latino, immigrant, and gay man.  His readings are legendary, and we are lucky to be able to present him to you.
Olive Tiger is the name of a remarkable young singer-songwriter-cellist and her band (a trio which also features bass and violin).  Olive Tiger released its debut album, Until My Body Breaks, last year, which The Day described as "a triumph of exotic and ambitious sonic atmosphere." Her songs are artful, her sound is sophisticated, and you will be touched.