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Friday, September 18, 2015

Poet:  Major Jackson

Music:  Nora Fox and Ethan Philbrick

7:30 p.m. (Doors open at 7:00)

The Mystic Arts Center
9 Water Street
Downtown Mystic

Admission $10, Students 21 & Under Free

Call: 860-912-2444
E-mail: info@theartscafemystic.org

Poet » 

Major Jackson
Stand Your Ground (a double golden shovel) 

America, how often I have applauded your flagpoles.  We,
as citizens, struggle to find common ground, yet do
much to damage the planks of your Ark.  Not
a soft tune we make, glissando of the harmonized.  We have a want
problem: more of ourselves problem,
Us versus Them
in the great race to prosperity.  In his Introduction to  
, Heidegger asks “Why are there beings at all?”  We have
as guides: Klansmen and eugenicists, who proclaim all others are less.
It is, I admit, the slapping of your ropes tolling a perfect union.  But,
is the measure of your worth a silent clang elsewhere?  How is it
a ripple also runs through me when your wind rises?  Your cloth is
nation, hauled down or half-mast, like a deferred dream only
earthly because we strive on a path hidden by dead leaves, a natural
entity whose death makes valid its rebirth – that 
an angry man can shoot a teenager is par, as we say.  We,
Iota, Deltas, Crips, Knights, new tribesmen in new codes, should
in earnest put away our swords and talk shows.  Think:
our watermelons have so many seeds, and we,
galaxy in us, dissolve our supernovas.  The mysteries we have,
an unmitigated burning of sound and fury, not
organism of one, but organs.  America, I’ve had enough.

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Musician »

Nora Fox and Ethan Philbrick
The Arts Café is delighted to welcome back the extraordinary musical duo Nora Fox and Ethan Philbrick.  Nora Fox’s singing and dancing talent has carried her to the Goodspeed Opera, Madison Square Garden, and all the way to Broadway.  Based in New York, Ms. Fox has performed at the NY Musical Festival, the Women’s Center Festival, and American Dance Festival, and has toured South American, the Mediterranean, and Mali.  Mr. Philbrick is an accomplished cellist and Doctoral student in Performance Studies at NYU, who has led participatory art projects in Cincinnati and taken part in cultural diplomacy projects in Pakistan, Mali, Panama, and Guatemala.